With so much hype and confusion created around dieting, I wanted to launch a website that promoted a nutrition plan that is not only easy to comprehend, but easy to implement at well. A weight loss program based on science, and intuition, rather than hyperbole and hope. That is why I created the best macro calculator the fitness industry has to offer. My name is Anthony Collova, and I am the founder of IIFYM.com See, there are thousands of so called diet experts out there and just as many doctors and gurus that provide horrible information on fat loss to their clients and public. For every nutrition coach or diet expert there are even more books, programs and scams promoting bogus promises, exaggerated claims, and total crap, all designed to confuse you and make them money. Fad diet gurus will have you believe that all you have to do is cut out carbs, or sugar or eat some amazing combination of super foods, and somehow the weight will start melting off. Low carb Keto diet anyone?

How many times have you seen this stuff on the internet:

“4 foods you should never eat!!” “Use this one weird trick to destroy belly fat” “1 unique spice that kills hunger” “Try this weird trick to lose weight” All horseshit… Let me lay it out this way; If you are like 99% of our clients; -You are not fat because of your thyroid, or your genetics -You are not fat because you don’t exercise or you lack will power -You are not fat because of your blood sugar or your sweet tooth -And you are most certainly not fat because you eat carbs, fat, dairy, gluten, sugar, red meat, fast food or candy! In fact, your food choices have almost NOTHING do with your body weight or body fat percentage. If you are overweight, it is because you eat more calories than your body can use! More calories than your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expendature) End of story! Click here to use our advanced TDEE Calculator to figure out how many calories YOUR body need in a given day. If you want to track macros to lose weight, you absolutely must start with your TDEE Calories.

Look at it like this:

Food is fuel for your body, just like gasoline is fuel for your car. If you buy too much gas day after day, eventually you will end up with a bunch of extra stored up fuel. Your body is the same way. If you eat too many calories, your body will save them up as fuel for a later date. That is your unwanted body fat! So your options become quite simple. Either stop pumping so much gas and eating so much food, (which forces your body to use up the stored fuel as energy) or start driving farther or faster every day, and use up more fuel/energy/gas/fat/calories. Either way you end up forcing your body to use your stored fat as fuel and end up losing weight. In order to do this successfully, you have to know how much fuel your body needs, and then you have to monitor how much you take in. The same reason your car has a gas gauge, and the pump has a meter on it. Your body however does not have a gauge or a meter so it is up to you, to keep track of these things. Don’t worry, it only take a few minutes to learn and a few minutes each day to do. End of story! To calculate your weight loss macros, check out the IIFYM advanced macro calculator on this page: Macro Calculator I hope you enjoy this site, and take the time to learn exactly how to implement the IIFYM approach to fat loss. It really is the easiest thing you will ever do. ANT PS. If you want an real macro coach to layout a complete weight loss program for you, check out our best macro calculator for free, or get yourself an Advanced Macro Profile.